How we can help you.

At Landale Dental in Box Hill, we are always here to help you resolve your problem and work towards a lifetime of maintenance. We also offer sedation options such as nitrous “happy” gas or relative analgesia (sleep dentistry) in office to help make your visit a little easier. Our dentists are highly trained with continuing education, are gentle and will guide you through your individual concerns.



Infection Control that exceeds Australian and International standards.

Landale Dental in Box Hill are passionate about protecting the environment and also pride oursleves on our exceptional infection control and hygiene standards. Dr Shelton Jeyaratnam was on the Infection Control Committee for the Australian Dental Association, thus ensuring our surgery and all staff continuously maintain and exceed the gold standard of hygiene and infection control within the practice. Landale Dental was also awarded full accreditation with the NSQHS Standards for Dental Practice Accreditation. We are also proud to say that all the plastic bags and coverings we use are environmentally friendly and biodegradable. Our surgery also practices the safe removal of amalgam (mercury) fillings to ensure it doesn’t enter Victorian water supplies by having additional amalgam separators connected to our dental chairs. A lot of these protocols are not mandatory in Victoria, but Landale Dental in Box Hill are proud to ensure our community and environment are being protected to the highest standard possible.


Broken Tooth?

Our teeth are so important for eating, speaking and smiling. When a tooth breaks or fractures, whether large or small, it should be treated as a matter of urgency to prevent the problem worsening as the nerve in your tooth can be implicated. Teeth can break for a variety of reasons such as pre-existing untreated cracks, large fillings or grinding/clenching. At Landale Dental in Box Hill, our dentists take high quality photos to help you see and understand the individual circumstances relating to your broken or cracked tooth. Our dentists will always endeavour to save your broken tooth and will always discuss all the options available to you to solve your current problem and prevent it from recurring again.


Tooth Ache?

A tooth ache is your body’s way of telling you that something is wrong and it should be addressed, not ignored. Leaving tooth aches untreated can lead to things getting worse and can have serious general health implications. Tooth aches can take on many forms such as: pain on biting, a dull general ache or sharp pain to temperature changes. It is important to have a dentist review and assess your ache so that it can be best managed and treated according to your situation. Our dentists will also discuss how to avoid the problem recurring again in the future. At Landale Dental we will endeavour to see you as a high priority to help relieve your pain.


Crooked Teeth?

If you are concerned about the position of your teeth, the dentists at Landale Dental in Box Hill are able to assess your teeth and discuss options to help straighten them. We offer Invisalign® clear aligners and other clear aligner technology to help straighten your teeth. With clear aligners, these are a sequential set of aligners which are almost invisible and slowly straighten your teeth over a period of time which is catered to you. To find out which option would be best for you please book in for a comprehensive consultation.






Invisalign and the Invisalign logo, among others, are trademarks of Align Technology, Inc., and are registered in the U.S. and other countries.


Discoloured teeth?

Sometimes your teeth may just be naturally darker or can discolour for a variety of reasons such as diet, medications or smoking. Either way, our dentists at Landale Dental in Box Hill are here to help improve the appearance of your smile if you are concerned. We offer professional in chair whitening for a faster result or take home whitening and professional full mouth clean/polish. Our dentists always perform comprehensive full mouth examinations at your first visit with a complementary whitening consult if you request.


Nervous about your visit?

At Landale Dental in Box Hill we have a variety of options to help make you feel at ease. We offer:

  • Wireless noise cancelling headphones with disposable covers over the ear piece so you can watch your favourite show, listen to your favourite playlist or podcast all whilst having treatment
  • Nitrous “Happy gas” oxide in house with our dentists
  • “Sleep dentistry” or Relative Analgesia in house with our visiting sedation specialist
  • General anaesthesia options
  • Cushions for your neck and back to make you feel more comfortable and relaxed during your treatment
  • Tea, coffee and water and a wide variety of current magazines and reading material


Missing Teeth?

Missing teeth can really affect your ability to chew, speak and smile. It can also put extra pressure on your remaining teeth and impact their longevity. Speak to us at Landale Dental in Box Hill to discuss all the options available to you such as implants, dentures or bridges.


Bleeding Gums?

Our gums are often a window to the entire body and can be a reflection of overall general health and well being. Bleeding gums can be a sign of gum disease due to bacteria or it can also be a sign of other general health problems. At Landale Dental in Box Hill, our dentists always perform a comprehensive examination of your teeth and gums. This allows the dentist to determine the exact cause of your bleeding gums and then discuss all the options available to you to best treat the problem.


Bad breath?

Bad breath can be due to a build up of bacteria filled plaque and tartar. As the bacteria sits on your teeth and burrows under the gums, it can lead to gum disease and bad breath. Our dentists at Landale Dental in Box Hill always perform a thorough examination of your oral hygiene status and gums to provide tailored advice to assist in long term management of bad breath and gum disease. Our dentists can give your teeth a good clean to help you one step closer to resolving bad breath. We also offer soothing creams and mouthwashes to help make the professional clean more comfortable for you if your teeth are particularly sensitive.


Snoring or sleep apnoea?

Snoring results in reduced quality of sleep for the snorer and those around them, which then also impairs lifestyle quality due to sleep deprivation and drowsiness. Snoring is often due to mispositioning of the jaw or due to the tongue falling back into the airway. In severe cases, this can restrict the airway and cause sleep apnoea which is a serious sleep disorder that has been shown to increase risk of medical conditions such as stroke and reduce life expectancy. Our dentists at Landale Dental in Box Hill perform screening checks at your first comprehensive visit and can assist in the process of ensuring correct diagnosis and treatment of sleep apnoea that is tailored to you.


Wisdom teeth pain? 

Our dentists at Landale Dental in Box Hill are able to assess your wisdom teeth and provide you with all the options available. Our clinic also offers a variety of sedation options of your choice if wisdom teeth require further treatment.


Services we provide

  • comprehensive oral care
  • preventive treatment
  • treatment planning
  • nitrous oxide (“happy” gas)
  • restorative fillings
  • endodontic root canal treatment
  • rotary endodontics
  • laser dentistry
  • wisdom teeth removal
  • minor oral surgery
  • emergency dentistry
  • dentistry for children
  • crowns, veneers, bridges, onlays and inlays
  • implant restorations
  • teeth whitening
  • dentures
  • occlusal splints/night guards and management of jaw pain
  • mouth guards
  • extractions
  • snoring and sleep apnoea devices
  • sleep dentistry options


Payment Options

“For your convenience we have EFTPOS and HICAPs, accepting all major credit cards & enabling instant claims on most health insurance cards”

“Children eligible under the Medicare Child Dental Benefit Schedule are welcome & Bulk-billed”

“Patient eligible under Veterans Affairs are welcome & Bulk-billed”