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Why you should choose a custom fit mouthguard

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13:00 PM

Mouthguards help prevent dental injury in not only contact sport such as karate,football, rugby and hockey, but also non contact sport such as cricket, netball, soccer, skateboarding or basketball as they all carry risks of collision and trauma. Mouthguards are made to reduce the risk of serious injury such as broken jaws, broken teeth or knocking teeth out completely. Such dental injuries are difficult to treat and can lead to a lifetime of dental expenses, but are easily preventable with custom made mouth guards.

Evidence proves that custom made mouth guards are most superior form of protection as they are:
- Comfortable to wear
- Fit accurately to your teeth and lips
- Resilient and made from good quality materials
- Allow an even and balanced bite
- Allow you to speak and breath comfortably

Mouthguards work by absorbing and evenly spread the forces of the trauma. The mass produced “boil and bite” mouth guards which are purchased over the counter do not fulfil the above requirements and therefore, are negligible in providing protection against dental injury. Mouthguards are made with your dentist who will take moulds of your teeth which can then be used to fabricate these high quality, custom made mouthguards. Contact us Landale Dental in Box Hill to enquire.