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Your dental visit during COVID-19 restrictions

Can I still visit the dentist?

Yes, but it depends on the level of restriction on Victoria at the time of your visit. As of Friday 22nd October 2021, we are offering our full range of dental services whilst continuing to implement strict infection control measures and screening. 

For the latest on current restrictions, please visit: 

See our short video on the measures we are taking to help keep the community safe during this time.  

Your first visit

What should I expect for my first visit?
New patients are provided with a comprehensive examination which we allow 60 minutes for, at no additional cost to the patient. This extra time allows you to discuss your dental history and concerns with us, and also enables us to spend extra time listening and going through an individualised plan with you, without feeling rushed. During your comprehensive first visit, we provide full dental charting of the teeth and gums, oral cancer screening, photographs and radiographs as required, tailored oral hygiene instruction/dietary advice and a full mouth clean as needed. A plan will be discussed with you before any further treatment is commenced.

Emergency treatment will be carried out where appropriate, before guiding the patient onto a preventive program that will enhance their smile, comfort and confidence in their own dental care.

Do you have free parking?
We have ample free private parking spaces to the rear of clinic, and convenient all day public parking opposite the clinic.

Wheelchair friendly access and disabled parking at the front of the clinic is available. Located directly opposite us is all day free Box Hill Council parking, a GP Medical Centre, Physiotherapist and Pathology Centre. We are also a 10min walk from Box Hill Train Station, and are along the 908 Bus Route, with a stop less than 1 minute walking distance.

What to do in a dental emergency?

Accidents and tooth aches can happen unexpectedly. 

If you ever have a tooth ache or are in an accident that results in dental injury, please call us immediately so we can assist you. If you can't get to us straight away, we can always guide you over the phone on some first aid measures until you can be seen by a clinician. It is important to seek help straight away as timing is a critical factor in success of treatment and to prevent your condition getting worse. We always try to reserve appointments for these types of urgent situations as a matter of priority. 

When emergency tooth aches and accidents happen outside of business hours, please call The Royal Dental Hospital of Melbourne on (03) 9341 1000. For non-urgent matters please send us an email ( or call us on 9899 0148 to leave a voicemail for us.

Payment options

For your convenience we have EFTPOS and HICAPs machines, accepting all major credit cards & enabling instant claims on most health insurance cards. We understand that dental treatment can sometimes be unexpected. Depending on your circumstances, we offer interest free payment plans to ensure you can still achieve dental health in a timely manner whilst removing the financial stress of it all.

Children eligible under the Medicare Child Dental Benefit Schedule (CDBS) and Veteran’s Affairs (VA) patients are welcome & are “Bulk-Billed”.

Landale Dental in Box Hill proudly bulk-bills the Medicare Child Dental Benefit Scheme (CDBS). The CDBS is a Medicare program that provides financial support for dental treatment on eligible children who are aged between 2 and 17. To qualify, you (the parent, carer or guardian) or the child must receive certain payments for at least part of the calendar year from the government e.g Family Tax Benefit A. The CDBS includes $1000 over 2 calendar years, and can be used on general dental services. If you are unsure if your child is eligible, please contact Landale Dental and have your Medicare card number ready.

We also offer Afterpay as a payment option. This allows you to split payments into 4 easy installments. 


Rebates and gap payments factsheet
Your dentist your choice factsheet
Choosing a policy factsheet

Babies and children

When should your new born visit the dentist?
In general, your baby should see a dentist for the first time when their first tooth erupts or once they turn one – whichever comes first. Children usually develop a full set of teeth by the age of three, so the earlier your child visits the dentist the better. Even though your child might have a couple of teeth to begin with, bacteria can still build up around the teeth and contribute to decay, so it is important to begin a preventative dental health plan catered for your child early on. The team at Landale Dental in Box Hill are well-trained in dealing with babies and young children; and we have a Dental Therapist especially for young children and adolescents.

Brushing your baby’s teeth?
It is important to start practicing good oral hygiene as soon as the first tooth erupts. Dental health and its maintenance is ongoing throughout your child’s life and it is important to role model good dental health habits from an early age so your child sees oral hygiene as a normal part of their life.
Prior to teeth erupting, you can begin by wiping your baby’s gums with a soft cloth twice a day. Once teeth start to erupt, then you can start using a soft children’s toothbrush without toothpaste until the age of 18 months. Flossing is still necessary even in young children; the team at Landale Dental in Box Hill can help demonstrate the correct technique catered to you and your child.
It can be difficult to comfort teething children – sometimes a chilled (not frozen) teething ring or dummies can be helpful. It is important NOT to use sweets such as honey or jam on dummies/teething rings as this could lead to dental decay.