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Dental Health Week 2020: How much sugar is hiding in your trolley?

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14:00 PM

Time to take a closer look at your supermarket purchases. They’re not as healthy as you might think.

With working from home, more online shopping, home schooling and restrictions we are all trying to maintain some sort of routine during these challenging times. To try keep our routine and health, we can ensure we are flossing & brushing twice a day, exercising in our suburbs, eating a handful of nuts instead of chocolate for snacks and choosing water over caffeinated drinks when possible. 
But you could be undoing all this good work by consuming hidden sugars in unsuspecting processed foods. 

It is very easy to lose track of how much sugar we are consuming on a daily basis. The WHO recommends that adults do not exceed 6 teaspoons of sugar a day. Though, figures show that the average Australian adult consumes 14 teaspoons of sugar a day! 

Sugar is everywhere in supermarket staples, even some that might seem to be healthy, and so this Dental Health Week (3 - 9 August |, the Australian Dental Association are providing you with the information to make informed decisions about selecting the food you eat, so you can be healthier.

The below pictures help explain how to read food labels for hidden sugars. Always chat to your medical doctor, dentist or dietitian if you need further clarification on your specific needs.