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19:00 PM

Landale Dental in Box Hill is working hard with the Australian Dental Association to raise awareness for World Cavity Free Future Day (WCFFD)!

More than 600 million children world wide are affected by early childhood caries. Lets work together to change these statistics! How you can help reduce cavities for your children: 

1. Reduce the amount and frequency of sugar in your diet

2. Choose tap water when your baby is old enough to start drinking water

3. Brush twice a day with an age appropriate fluoride toothpaste

4. Avoid feeding milk, formular or juice through at bottle after the age of 12 months, especially at night.

5. First dental visit when your baby's first tooth emerges

Landale Dental in Box Hill is raising awareness about World cavity free future day! Every child who is found to have no cavities during their check up with our dental therapist Debra Harper will be given a complementary oral hygiene and water bottle pack to celebrate! This pack contains: water bottle, toothpaste, toothbrush, a weekly brushing planner and certificate to celebrate being cavity free. 
*While stocks last