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Oral cancer screening

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14:00 PM

It's Dental Health Week 2019 and Landale Dental have a number of events running to help celebrate! 

With the Australian Dental Association, Landale Dental's Dr Michelle was volunteering at the local pharmacy performing free oral cancer screens to help in the early detection of head and neck cancers. Have you seen your dentist recently? Make sure they are completing oral cancer screens as part of your examination. At Landale Dental, our dentists routinely complete oral cancer screenings with every dental check up. When we do an oral cancer screen, our dentists will check your tongue, gums, cheeks, lips, throat and roof of your mouth to check for any lumps, ulcers or abnormalities. 

Oral cancer is one of the 10 most common cancers. The survival rate for oral cancer is only 50% over five years. That's why early detection and specialist referral is essential in helping improve this statistic. Without early detection, oral cancer can very often go undetected until it reaches an advanced stage which can reduce treatment success. Oral cancer doesn't just affect smokers, it can affect anyone including non smokers, young adults through to the elderly. 

Prevention is key so be sure to see your dentist and ask for an oral cancer screen with your dental check up. 

Dr Michelle volunteering at the local pharmacy as part of Dental Health Week to screen for oral cancer.