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The truth about why baby teeth are so important.

Debra from Landale Dental teaching Kindergarten children - copyright

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17:00 PM

Baby teeth (deciduous teeth or first teeth) are vital for jaw development, speech development, breathing, nutritional eating and keeping space and alignment for the adult teeth (permanent teeth). It doesn't take much to invest in kid's teeth now to see the long lasting benefits as they become adults.

In general, your baby should see a dentist for the first time when their first tooth erupts or once they turn one – whichever comes first. Children usually develop a full set of teeth by the age of three, so the earlier your child visits the dentist the better. Even though your child might have a couple of teeth to begin with, bacteria can still build up around the teeth and contribute to decay, so it is important to begin a preventative dental health plan catered for your child early on.

Benefits of starting dental visits early:

- Customised dietary advise and screening for dental decay

- Early detection of jaw, speech, breathing and orthodontic problems

- Help establish a healthy and happy relationship for your child with their dentist

- Develop a plan to prevent cavities and ensure your child has a healthy smile for life


Here are some top tips to ensure your child has a healthy smile!

Pro Tips:

1. Spit out excess toothpaste, don't rinse with water

2. Don't use too much toothpaste, a small pea sized amount is all you need

3. Make brushing fun! A song or playful app can help motivate your child to brush for the recommended two minutes morning and night.

4. Assist your child with brushing their teeth. A general indicator that they are ready to brush solo is when they get their pen license at school.


The team at Landale Dental in Box Hill are all well-trained in dealing with babies and young children; and we have a Dental Therapist, Debra, who is trained and experienced to look after young children and adolescents.

To help make your child's first visit to the dentist a happy experience, we:

- Have after school and weekend appointments available so you don't need to worry about them missing class

- Offer your child entertainment to watch whilst having treatment

- Give out lucky dip prizes for all children

- Have coloring in and puzzles to complete whilst siblings wait for their appointment